“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I see a soul.”
A.D. Williams
“Pets reflect you like mirrors. When you are happy, you can see your dog smiling and when you are sad, your cat cries.”
Munia Khan
“Pets bring vital energy to our homes and lives. Pets communicate many messages about love and connection. Care tenderly for all pets throughout their precious lives. The interspecies dance of love softens and expands the heart.”
Laura Staley
“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.”
James Cromwell
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
Anatole France

Welcome to Pet Cremations by Kuhn

In 2016, in an effort to expand Kuhn Funeral Homes’ ability to better serve all that call on them, the Kuhn family began the added service of caring for a family’s beloved pet.

Have an Immediate Need?

Simply call us when you need our services at (610) 374-5440 to schedule a time to meet us at one of our three locations. We will have one of our caring team members meet you at a day and time that is most convenient for you. READ MORE...

Caring for Our Community

Pet Cremations by Kuhn is an extension of the care that we have provided to our friends for over 80 years. That is: caring, compassionate service to anyone that calls on us when they have experienced a loss. The hallmarks remain the same with our pet cremation service:

  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Humility
  • Service
  • Professionalism

Our Service Area

Pet Cremations by Kuhn has no geographic boundaries. If you are able to bring your beloved pet to us at any of our three locations, we will meet you at any day and time. Additionally, we can pick up your beloved pet from your home anywhere within Berks County for an additional fee. We can also travel beyond Berks County for a small additional fee to cover our transportation expense.

Why Pet Cremations by Kuhn?

At Kuhn Funeral Homes, we know that your pet is a beloved family member. The importance of treating your pet with reverence and respect is a core value that we have practiced for over three generations serving our community. As fellow pet owners, we know what a critical role pets play in making our families whole. The loss of a family pet leaves a hole in the hearts and home of our entire family. The importance of understanding this allows for genuine empathy to occur in the care that we provide to every pet owner that calls on us.

Grief Support

Please feel free to visit our Kuhn Funeral Home website where you can sign up for a daily email regarding loss for the next year — it’s called 365 Days of Healing and you can find on the bottom of our home page. Additional support is also found there under 52 Weeks of Support — this addresses how to be a good friend to someone who has experienced a loss.

A Message from Michael R. Kuhn

One of my most vivid memories growing up with my parents and four other siblings in West Reading was when we had to put down our beloved pet, Sad Sack. “Saddy”, as he was affectionately called by his family, was the kindest, gentlest, most loving cat you would ever want to meet. When it came time to put him down at the veterinary office, I vividly remember the five kids, including four teenage boys, and my father all crying, almost hysterically, as we held “Saddy” one more time before he was put down. I will always remember the shared love we all had for our dear cat, and I will never forget how kindly we were treated at the animal hospital that day. When I think of it, it feels like just yesterday.

Today, my family is blessed to have a seven-year-old yellow lab that is the perfect fit for our family of five. McCoy gets us and we get her. There is no doubt she is a critical component to making our daily lives rich and complete. Honestly, the thought of losing McCoy, who I affectionately call my baby girl, is a little overwhelming — so for today I simply won’t.

When you have relationships with your pets like I do, and like the rest of our team members do, you can be certain that you will be treated with the utmost care and compassion when you call on us. We get it.

As Helen Keller once succinctly put it: “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”

Michael R. Kuhn
President, Pet Cremations by Kuhn